A Smart, Next Generation, ATM

Built-in Bitcoin Support

Right out of the box, the CryptoCounter allows you to exchange bitcoin for fiat and vice versa. It also comes with an API tha allows 3rd party developers to build Bitcoin apps.


It's been designed to work where other Bitcoin ATMs don't. It's perfect for situations where ATMs were either too expensive or too limited.


The CryptoCounter is designed to be a platform you can build on. You can build on top of it with your own software and hardware.

Cloud Connect

The heart of all this is being able to manage your CryptoCounter from anywhere in the world.

Beauty + Brains

The CryptoCounter is breathtaking in it's beauty and it's as smart as an owl.

Designed in Africa

This devices has been design to work in developing countries so it works there and anywhere in the world.

Our team in based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The idea of building the CryptoCounter first came to us when we wanted to buy and deploy Bitcoin ATMs in our city but we couldn't find a single Bitcoin ATM on the market that aligned with our requirements. We couldn't find any that came close either.

All the devices on the market where either too expensive to deploy and scale on the scale we had in mind or they where cheap but too limited in terms of functionality.

After realised that devices that were built by other people in other areas to fill use cases that were very different from our own where not going to work for us. We then decided to build our own device.

Cloud Connect

The Crypto Counter is designed to allow you to manage it from the Cloud. You can set you preferences, see your dashboard of statistics and/or monitor your bitcoin float from anywhere in the world.

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App Store

Like a phone, the Crypto Counter will only do so much if you just use it with the apps it has when you unbox it. The App Store leverages the 'Law of Smarts' to make it's capabilities almost limitless.

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Removable Accessories

Examples of accessories are the battery pack, the cash dispenser & the cash acceptor. These are removable - making it easy to upgrade the ATM and/or extend it's functionality.

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